Ecological gold

Fair gold from ecological sources

Swiss goldsmiths and Jewelers with the Oekogold label use for their jewelry other than precious metals that come directly from a mine . Their metal comes from a source that has been certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council ( RJC ) in London - and thus warranted solely to gain precious metal recycling . For the most sustainable jewelry ever!


100 % safe

The good news : Not only that the fine gold of jewelery comes from a safe source . Even when palladium or the need for alloying silver and copper is secondary raw materials from recycled sources . Unlike the Mine Gold - fair or not - so no more living bases are being destroyed . No operations are outsourced to the third world countries . The human rights are respected , from the purchase and recycling of old gold on the production of raw materials to the sale of new jewelry. Complete . Guaranteed.


When gold is actually fair?  (German text)